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What do we offer?

Sell your car

Are you planning to sell your car and do not know to whom should you sell it? We can buy it from you at competitive prices! Just fill in the form with the details of the car and wait for the response! Click the button, in order to get redirected to a page with a form.

Sell your car

Online ads

Our website also contains an online database with cars that are currently on sale. Are you willing to a buy high quality second-hand car? Then, please, check ours and our partners’ offers by pressing the button below.

Check online ads

Exports documents

We arrange all the documents which are required in order to import cars from the Netherlands. That includes deregistration of a car, arranging specific documents and providing a required insurance. And that all for €100 only and during Tuesdays we offer you a discounted price of €90! However, if you are willing to import a car on a car trailer, the required exports documents will cost you €20 during Tuesdays and €25 on other days!

Transporting cars abroad

Have you already bought a car but have no idea how to transport it to your home country? We help in organizing every type of transport at competitive prices. The only thing you need to tell us, is the destination of the transport!

Assistance in your car purchase

We are able to provide you advice regarding the new cars. We will check the quality of cars you are interested. We rely on our extensive experience and professional tools. For example, we are able to determine whether cars were crashed in the past, or whether its engines work properly.

Our locations

Our main office.
Zuiderweg 129b
1221 HH Hilversum
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9-21, Sat: 9-17
On Tuesdays a discount for exports documents is offered!
We are also available at the Car Exchange in Bevewijk.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9-21
On Tuesdays a discount for exports documents is offered!
Industriekade 6
On Tuesdays a discount for exports documents is offered!

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